The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the academic year 2010-2011. The department offers an under graduate programme in Bachelor of Engineering with highly qualified and competent faculty members in the areas of Digital Signal and Image Processing, VLSI design, High Voltage Engineering and Power System Protection, Wireless Communication and Networking. The main aim is to foster the technical background of the Engineers by enhancing the ability of the students to compete internationally with innovative ideas and solutions in the recent trends of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The real strength of the department has an healthy mixture of young and experienced faculty members,all of whom displays high level of enthusiasm and dedication.

Department Objectives

  1. To impact the source of inspiration and a frame of reference to endure students professional and ethical values
  2. To understand the basic principles that under lie modern Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  3. To provide practical exposures to the student through well-advanced laboratories with continuous upgradation.
  4. To create technical awareness among the students through special lectures from the eminent experts.
  5. To improve the faculty performance through various competency development programme.


Innovation in Electronics & Communication Engineering and advancing educational programs by imparting strong fundamental knowledge and thereby paving way for cutting edge research and eventually become a hub for original research.


  1. Providing academic excellence in Electronics & Communication Engineering through dedication and innovation in teaching and commitment to research.<\li>
  2. Establishing state of the art laboratories and industry driven skills development.<\li>
  3. Establishing favorable environment for the students to develop professonalism and face challenges in life with ethical integrity<\li>
  4. Providing entrepreneurial and leadership qualities for self and society growth.<\li><\ol>

Mr.N.Mathavan                                                HEAD INCHARGE Mr.R.Athilingam                                DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR
Mr.M.IdhayaChandran                                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.S.Arul Oli                                                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.S.Prathap                                                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.M.Arivalagan                                            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.K.Bharathi Kannan                                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Ms.J.Rajalakshmi                                           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.R.Pradeep Kumar                                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.B.Mahesh                                                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Ms.T.Abinaya                                                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Ms.S.Meena                                                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.R.Karthik kumar                                            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Mr.A.Gayathri                                                 Proterm Lecturer

To gain a better practical exposure in the advanced equipments for the students,the department is well equipped and furnished with the following loboratories.

  1. Computer Network Lab
  2. VLSI
  3. DSP
Ms.T.Abinaya/Ms.A.Gayathri DSP Trainer Kit, Function Generator, MATLAB, DSO LAN Trainer, WLAN Trainer System
  1. Electronic Circuit I/II
  2. Electronic System Design
Mr.M.IdhayaChandran/Mr.R.Karthik kumar System, UPS Functioner, Cro
  1. Microprocessor Lab
  2. Digital Electronics Lab
  3. Digital Principal System Design
Mr.S.Prathap/Mr.P.Pandiarajan Microprocessor Kit
  1. Integrated Circuit
  2. Communication System
Mr.K.BharathiKannan/Mr.K.Samundeeswaran Communication Kits, Antenna Transmeter.

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