Manufacturing Engineering Department

The Department of Manufacturing Engineering was established in the academic year 2014-2015. It endeavours to be renowned globally for outstanding teaching, learning and research leading to build a knowledge society by creating an excellent ambience to foster enriched engineering education.

Department Objectives

  1. To prepare the graduates to meet the technological challenges and evolving needs of industry and society and to contribute to the growth of our nation.
  2. To conduct research and emphasis innovations as an integral part of our education programme and its continued renewal for the enhancement of the quality of the profession.
  3. The department fosters R&D and disseminate the technology through publications and providing technical expertise and training to industry.


To impart standard technical education, To produce competitive and smart engineers, To inculcate high sense of discipline combined with education to make the students as persons with right combination of academic excellence and personality, To develop the infrastructure, enhance the quality and content of the technical education by starting multifarious disciplines, To raise this technical institution.


To provide opportunities for the development of knowledge, soft skills and professional abilities to the faculty members and students. To provide the youth with the best opportunities and academic ambience through the state of the programs at graduate and postgraduate level and to enable them to attain high levels of academic excellence as well as scientific, technical and professional competency.

Automation & Metal Forming Lab Mr. M.Pradeep
Mr. C.Mahesh
Universal Testing Machine, Water hammer setup, Hydraulic Press, Mini rolling Mill, Various sensors and Transducers(Pressure, Strain, Torque, Temperature,Optical, LVDT etc.)
CAD/CAM Lab Mr. V.Thirumalairaj
Mr. A.Sivaraj
Computer Server, Computer notes or systems (High end CPU with atleast 1 GB main memory) networked to the server, A3 size plotter, Laser Printer, Trainer CNC Lathe, Trainer CNC milling
CAD/CAM software (Pro-E or IDEAS or Unigraphics or CATIA), CAM Software (CNC Programming and tool path simulation for FANUC /Sinumeric and Heiden controller), Licenced operating system