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To impart the fundamental knowledge of the students in all facets of Science and Humanities needed to acquire better expertise in all disciplines of Engineering besides, bridging the curricular gap between the school and collegiate education. The Department of Science and Humanities involves teaching Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Communication Skills connected with all the programmes offered by all other departments. The Department provides assistance in technical projects. The Department provides a Language Laboratory for the students to enrich their communication competence. It also aims to maintain good linguistic proficiency through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Department Objectives

img  To instill confidence and moral values.
img  To instill in the students a desire for an appreciation of independent thought, accuracy, neatness and thoroughness.
img  Molding students to adapt to the emerging technologies.
img  To provide the student with a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of the subject.


To be best in career initiatives, by creating scientific knowledge to the students and fostering humanistic innovations for vibrant learning environment.


Making a cogent, unceasing and sociable bestowal to our comrade, the nation and the world. Propagating our health, economic growth, cultural well being and improving research development.

Faculty Details

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