Our Library is a well equipped Learning resource centre. We have a strong collection of about 16080 books and 80 Indian & Foreign periodicals and ASME & ASCE on-line Journals.
Besides Digital Dictionaries and Encyclopedia, there are 700 on-line, self-learning packages on CD ROM diskettes on a variety of engineering subjects.


Our library has been fully computerized and all transactions are automated using barcode scanner and barcode labels. We provide all assistance through On-line Public Access Catalogue to identify the book of personal interest from the shelves either on demand or in anticipation. One can order photocopies of pages of books or periodical articles, and register for clipping services on specific topics of your interest and ensure a continuous updating of their knowledge.

A server based computer division connects to the World Wide Web facilitating the net harvesting faster and easier. A well trained highly qualified librarian and his staff make your reading a pleasure with their user friendly assistance. The net connectivity is 24*7 throughout.

This is not just a library of resources alone but blended with services. We add a meaning to the academic interest. From one's knowledge discovery to its functional delivery here, our staff provide the best service. We are with you to make your reading a pleasure.



  1. 1.   To adopt National library standards and identify peer colleges for determining the libraries strengths and areas for improvement.

  2. 2.   To continue to improve library services through a regular program of outcomes assessment and evaluation.

  3. 3.   To increase library services and provide consistent levels of service to all students regardless of location.

  4. 4.   To develop and deliver quality instructional programs and services to students and faculty.

  5. 5.   To support and facilitate the development of resource collections at each library.

  6. 6.   To increase avenues through which students and faculty can access library resources and services.

  7. 7.   To create warm, inviting learning environments for students and faculty to gather and conduct research.


  1. 1.   Library has been fully computerized

  2. 2.   Well stacked library books

  3. 3.   Membership in DELNET & National Digital Library

  4. 4.   Indian & Foreign Journals

  5. 5.   Intranet Access Facility

  6. 6.   Reprographic services

  7. 7.   Specious Reading Hall

  8. 8.   Digital Library

Name Designation
Dr.S.Sinthan, MLISc.M.Phil. Ph.D HEAD INCHARGE