‘EMPOWERMENT’ may be described as a process which helps people to assert their control over the factors which affect their lives. Empowerment of women means developing them as more aware individuals, who are politically active, economically productive and independent and are able to make intelligent discussion in matters that affect them. The most common explanation of 'women's empowerment' is the ability to exercise full control over one's actions. The last decades have witnessed some basic changes in the status and role of women in our society. There has been shift in policy approaches from the concept of 'welfare' in the seventies to 'development' in the eighties and now to 'empowerment' in the nineties. This process has been further accelerated with some sections of women becoming increasingly self-conscious of their discrimination in several areas of family and public life. They are also in a position to mobilize themselves on issues that can affect their overall position.

Empowerment is a major step in this direction but it has to be seen in a relational context. A clear vision is needed to remove the obstacles to the path of women's emancipation both from the perspective of government as well as women themselves. Efforts should be directed towards all round development of each and every section of Indian women by giving them their due share. In consideration of the welfare of women, Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering and Technology, Theni established the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CELL in August 2014 to empower women and to create awareness of Women’s Right. About 60% of the faculty members & students are women in our College.


A Society in which, women attain their full potential and are able to participate as equal partners in all spheres of life and influence the process of social change.


To create an effective frame work to enable the process of developing policies, programmes and practices which will ensure equal rights and opportunities for women in the family, community, workplace and in governance.


  1. To identify gaps in the empowerment of women, development of children and adolescents.
  2. Create a national network of public, private and NGO centre for delivering reproductive and child health services free to any client.
  3. To create an enabling environment through convergence with other programmes.
  4. To open more child care centres for working women and expand the availability of safe abortion care.
  5. To use energy saving devices to reduce drudgery of women.
  6. To identify the ways in which the effects of policies and programmatic interventions to promote women’s empowerment have been measured.
  7. To improve access to sanitation, drinking water, fuel, wood and fodder for women.
  8. To develop health management and health package at all levels.
  9. To improve accessibility and quality of maternal and child health care services.
  10. To identify the evidence on how women’s empowerment affects important development outcomes such as health, education, fertility behaviour, income levels, etc.
  11. Supporting community activities package for women.
  12. To improve and increase clinical and contraception delivery services.
  13. To organise educational and empowerment programmes for girls and women.
  14. To train resource persons, animators and trainers for activities visualized.
  15. To conduct and promote experimentations and innovations and research in the problems and programmes of empowerment of rural women.
  16. To increase awareness in women, for their development to use their talent optimally not only for themselves, but also for the society as a whole.
  17. To develop the skills for self-decision- taking capabilities in women and to allow them to present their point of view effectively in society.
  18. To create awareness among women to be truly ambitious and to dream for betterment
  19. To make efforts in organising the women for fighting against the problems and difficulties related to them.


The following events were conducted in the previous years on behalf of women empowerment Cell

Events Dates
WEC Inauguration 27.8.2014
Role of Feminine in our Society 20.2.2015
Believe You Can 01.08.2015
Food Habits and Personal Hygiene 11.2.2016
Food Habits and Personal Hygiene 8.3.2017
Effects of Media on a Women’s Self Image 1.7.2017
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    Cell Coordinator
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    Cell member
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    Cell member