The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science aims at bringing out student corps with mentioned abilities:
  • Students will be able to analyse problems, devise and implement solutions, and adapt to changes in technology after four years of graduation.
  • Participate in higher education and assist in the development of new technologies.
  • As an individual or member of a team, work ethically to achieve the objectives of the project or organisation.
  • When putting technical solutions into implementation, work with regard for social attitudes and environmental awareness.

    To become a center of excellence in the field of artificial intelligence by promoting knowledge-based education, innovation and cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and data science.


    • To create an environment that encourages students to achieve their potential and pursue their professional goals.
    • In order to create and develop cutting-edge breakthroughs in artificial intelligence as a whole and as they are connected with other disciplines, it is important to support ongoing research and development efforts in partnership with prestigious enterprises and research centres.
    • To improve students' interpersonal talents and human personalities in order to instil entrepreneurial skills that can thrive national growth.


    PEO's & PO's
    These are the Program Education Objectives(PEO) and Program Outcomes in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
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    Research Activities

    NSCET is focussed on Research & Development (R&D) in Engineering, Technology and Sciences. The various programmes are nurtured through academic research and sponsored research funded by National organizations and Industry.

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    Department Activities

    The Department of Artificial intelligence & Engineering had organized various Conferences , Symposiums and FDP's most of them volunteered to render services for the benefit of the current students.

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    B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence & Data Science is an undergraduate programme with the need of the time advanced learning paradigms like machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning, big data, data sciences and artificial intelligence as a whole. The program's curriculum is created to give students the skills they need to combine cutting-edge technology to create intelligent equipment, software, or applications. Artificial intelligence's main objective is to give computers the capacity to learn from examples and experience in order to address problems without explicit human programming. Such applications are already widely used and are attracting interest in the IT sector. Applications used in financial management that evaluate historical sales data to forecast client behaviour, Recognition of a human face or voice, industrial robotics optimization to produce better results with less human resources.


    Dennis Laboratory

    Programming Lab which uses C and C++ Languages for Basic Programming.

    Bachman Laboratory

    Data Design Lab which uses C,C++,Visual Studio,JAVA,Oracle ,SQL ,Rational Suite for developing and implementing projects.

    Linus Torvalds Laboratory

    Open Source Lab which uses C,C++,Android Studio,Eclipse,Maya,OPENGL MC for developing and implementing projects.

    Computer Centre

    A Programming Centre which uses C,C++,VB,VC++,Java Languages for Basic Programming

    Project Laboratory

    An Exclusive Project Lab for developing Innovative Projects using Java,SQL,VB,VC++,Net Beans,.NET