The Department of Computer Science and Engineering aims to produce the engineers with the abilities:
  • Be lifelong learners who continue to pursue professional development.
  • Participate and thrive in a multi disciplinary, systems oriented work environment.
  • Contribute to the solution of complex technical problems that exist in the software industry.
  • Understand their ethical roles as a professional engineer and strive to promote a practice of integrity, tolerance and respect in the work place.


    To become a leading hub in the field of Computer Engineering.


    • To provide a strong theoretical and practical knowledge emphasizing on software developments.
    • To encourage autonomous learning, foster interactions and establish partnership with renowned software industries.
    • To inculcate soft skills, leadership qualities and innovative research skills with ethical values.


    PEO's, PO's & PSO's
    These are the Program Education Objectives(PEO) and Program Outcomes in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
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    Research Activities

    NSCET is focussed on Research & Development (R&D) in Engineering, Technology and Sciences. The various programmes are nurtured through academic research and sponsored research funded by National organizations and Industry.

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    Department Activities

    The Department of Computer Science & Engineering had organized various Conferences , Symposiums and FDP's most of them volunteered to render services for the benefit of the current students.

    Conference organized

    Events organized

    iSPIN Assessment - Second

    iSPIN Assessment - Third

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    Mr.J.Mathalai Raj

    The Computer Science and Engineering department aims at nurturing a conducive upbringing for erudition and research by use of appropriate computing technologies in its everyday activities. The department mainly equips its students with technological expertise and appropriate skills in the field of computer science. Students at CSE are nurtured to become best software professionals or Entrepreneurs in their own innovative way. The prime objective of the department endeavors is to produce confident professionals tuned to real time working environment. The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to inspire the students to develop their technical skills and inculcate the spirit of team work in them.


    Dennis Laboratory

    Programming Lab which uses C and C++ Languages for Basic Programming.

    Bachman Laboratory

    Data Design Lab which uses C,C++,Visual Studio,JAVA,Oracle ,SQL ,Rational Suite for developing and implementing projects.

    Linus Torvalds Laboratory

    Open Source Lab which uses C,C++,Android Studio,Eclipse,Maya,OPENGL MC for developing and implementing projects.

    Computer Centre

    A Programming Centre which uses C,C++,VB,VC++,Java Languages for Basic Programming

    Project Laboratory

    An Exclusive Project Lab for developing Innovative Projects using Java,SQL,VB,VC++,Net Beans,.NET


     Innovative Software Product Industry of NSCET 

    iSPIN is a pure IT sector of NSCET with Resourceful students under the guidance of Faculties, Industry Specialists and the Alumni of NSCET. It will be the First of its kind idea for the incubation cell of NSCET. iSPIN will be responsible for developing the products for NSCET and its clients. The essence of iSPIN is the strategy of Unlearn & Learn based on Self-Learning Strategy.

     Fraternity of Immortal Software Technocrats

    Never doubt that a group of talented engineers and developers, who love to involve both themselves and others in every technical and non-technical event led to the growth of our proud “COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION”. Our FIST Association has been successfully running over six years.Every year we conduct events that invoke the technical and creative skills of every single individual and with the constant support of all the students, our association has stepped into the 7th year of excellence.Strengthen our association with your pillars of support and we hope for the best of our association in the future.


    Jenifar Fathima

    President | Final Year


    Vice president |
    Third Year


    Secretary | Final Year


    Join Secretary |
    Third Year


    Join Secretary |
    Second Year