International Conference on Advanced Material Processing and Sustainable Energy

Engineering Perspectives for Sustainability

AMPSE - 2024
Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering and Technology, Theni, Tamil Nadu

5th & 6th April 2024


Last Date for Registration is 15th Feb 2024


Mechanical Engineering is one of the most comprehensive professional disciplines. Mechanical engineering principles are employed in a wide range of industries such as power generation, manufacturing, energy, repair and maintenance, automation and control, robotics, electronics, nanotechnology, food industries, automotive, petroleum, aerospace, etc. Over the last decade, we have grown our expertise and competence in core Mechanical Engineering and Research. Our primary importance is to motivate, inspire, build trust, and confidence in students. They are also taught interdisciplinary themes such as Health, Environment, Civics, and Entrepreneurship. I welcome your interest in our department and wish you a very successful and enjoyable experience with us.