iSPIN will act as a pure IT sector with Resourceful students under the guidance of Faculties, Industry Specialists and the Alumni of NSCET. It will be the First of it’s kind idea for the incubation cell of NSCET. iSPIN will be responsible for developing the products for NSCET and it’s clients. The essence of iSPIN is the strategy of Unlearn & Learn based on Self - Learning Strategy.


The recruitment for iSPIN will be done solely based on academic performances of the past semesters and the performance in the written test. The selection is purely of Merit Basis. The Result of the recruitment process will segregate the students based on their skillsets like Designing & creativity Skills, Programming and Testing Skills.

The Training will be provided by the Team Lead of iSPIN and sometimes from the Resource persons from IT sectors. The unique attitude of iSPIN is that, it provides training based on the skillset of students.

After successful Training, they will be assessed by specific skill based Test. Candidates who successfully clears the Test will have the opportunity to work with iSPIN for one Academic year in the respective Domain/Technology.