About the Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NSCET is created with a novel goal of “Nurturing and grooming students to become successful entrepreneurs”. In this regard the cell works with all the stakeholders to create a pleasant environment for the students to become successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow. With such a goal in mind the cell provides various activities. The cell has conducted various guest lectures and awareness programs so that the students shall know that they can become entrepreneurs and create opportunities for others. In addition, previously the cell has coordinated with organizations like Khadi and conducted student competitions relevant to entrepreneurship. The cell will continue to provide programs like guest lectures and awareness programs so that every student shall understand that they can give jobs to others by methodically taking risks. We will also provide workshops on ideas and innovation creation workshops so that the budding entrepreneurs can provide effective and economic solutions that would result in cheap and efficient products. This could greatly increase the level of confidence of the budding entrepreneurs. The cell also shall provide activity oriented online certificate training programs offered by government agencies so that the students can get more systematic training. The cell also has plans to several other programs like E-Bazaar, Hackathon among others in order to nurture and develop the entrepreneurial skills of the prospective student so that he/she can become a successful entrepreneur in the future. The cell also can interact with the various stake holders in becoming successful entrepreneurs. In this connection the cell can collaborate with various agencies like Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Government of Tamilnadu, Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute, Wadhwani Foundation, National Entrepreneurship Network among others in order to empower and enrich the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NSCET. The future goal of Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NSCET would be to develop the cell into Technology Business Incubator and to facilitate the development of several start-ups relevant to the needs of the local community.


Entrepreneurship in India is yet to show its full potential and satisfy the needs of the local community. By doing so we can create a self-sustainable powerful economy. The vision of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of NSCET is hence: “To make a self-sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurship where all the stakeholders will contribute and benefit evenly and take the economy well ahead of time particularly impact the lives of the local community”


To create a sustainable ecosystem where the youth take entrepreneurship many steps ahead in India


In order to work to achieve the vision and mission of the EDC Cell of NSCET,we have the following objectives.

  1. 1. Create an environment suitable for entrepreneurship among students
  2. 2. Conduct programs to bring out the entrepreneurial ideas of prospective entrepreneurs
  3. 3. Develop the entrepreneurial skills of the budding entrepreneurs through hands-on activities and programs
  4. 4. Conduct guest lectures regarding the funding opportunities for the prospective entrepreneurs
  5. 5. Help the budding entrepreneurs to become successful entrepreneurs


The following events were conducted in the previous years on behalf of Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Events Dates
Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program 10th April 2013 to 7th May 2013
Entrepreneurship Development Program New Entrepreneur – cum – Enterprise Development Scheme (NEEDS) 12th July 2013
District Industries Centre Schemes 18th July 2014
DIC Schemes and Benefits for Starting an Industry 3rd February 2015
People Education Program 21st and 22nd February 2017
  • M Arivalagan

    Cell Coordinator
  • T Sudarsanan

    EDC Member