The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the academic year 2010-2011. The department plays a leading role in evolving an "Engineering Science" based curriculum. The faculty members are highly qualified and specialized in the fields of thermal engineering, industrial engineering, material science, design and manufacturing. The mechanical engineering students learn to tackle challenges and solve real problems through their individual knowledge.

Department Objectives

The department of Mechanical Engineering aims to produce the engineer's with the abilities:

  1. To design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  2. To design a system, component to meet desired needs.
  3. To function on multi-disciplinary teams.
  4. To identify, formulates, and solves engineering problems.
  5. Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  6. To use the technique, skills, and modern engineering tools which are necessary for engineering practice, recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning.
Dr.C.MathalaiSundaram                                  PRINCIPAL
Mr.A.VembathuRajesh                           HEAD INCHARGE
Mr.R.Santhaseelan                             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.V.Thirumalairaj                            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.R.Radhakrishnan                             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.R.Nagaraja                                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.B.Nagarajan                                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.M.Pradeep                                                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.P.Surulimani                                              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.A.Karthikraja                              ASSISTANTPROFESSOR
Mr.T.Sudarsanan                             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.S.Harikishore                            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.J.Chakravarthy Samydurai    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.M.Chella Pandian                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Mr.A.Vennimalai Rajan                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
Manufacturing Technology Lab -I Mr. S.Harikishore
Mr. C.Pandian
Centre Lathes, Horizontal Milling Machine, Vertical Milling Machine, Shaper
Thermal Engineering Lab - I Mr. A.Karthik Raja
Mr. K.Dharma Raj
I.C Engine - 2 stroke and 4 stroke model, Red Wood Viscometer, Apparatus for Flash and Fire Point, 4-stroke Diesel Engine with mechanical loading., 4-stroke Diesel Engine with hydraulic loading., 4-stroke Diesel Engine with electrical loading, Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine, Single cylinder Petrol Engine, Data Acquisition system with any one of the above engines,Steam boiler with turbine setup
Thermal Engineering Lab - II Mr. V.Thirumalai Raj
Mr. K.Dharma Raj
Guarded plate apparatus, Lagged pipe apparatus, Natural convection-vertical cylinder apparatus, Forced convection inside tube apparatus, Pin-fin apparatus, Stefan-Boltzmann apparatus, Emissivity measurement apparatus, Parallel/counter flow heat exchanger apparatus, Single/two stage reciprocating air compressor., Refrigeration test rig, Air-conditioning test rig,Composite wall apparatus,Thermal conductivity of insula
Engineering Practices Lab Mr. B.Nagarajan
Mr. A.Sivaraj
Arc welding machine, Gas welding machine, Sheet Metal Work facility, Hand Shear 300mm, Bench vice, Standard tools and calipers for sheet metal work, Moulding Table, Moulding boxes, tools and patterns, Centre Lathes
Dynamics Lab Mr. T.Sudarsanan
Mr. A.Sivaraj
Cam analyzer, Motorised gyroscope, Governor apparatus - Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors, Whirling of shaft apparatus, Dynamic balancing machine, Two rotor vibration setup, Spring mass vibration of single retor system setup, Gear Models, Kinematic Models to study various mechanisms, Turn table apparatus, Transverse vibration setup of a) Cantilver b) Free-Free beam c) Simply supported beam.
Metrology & Measurements Lab Mr. R.Radhakrishnan
Mr. C.Pandian
Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Vernier Height Gauge, Vernier Depth Gauge, Slip Gauge Set, Gear Tooth Vernier, Sine Bar, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Profile Projector / Tool Makers Microscope, Parallel/ Counter flow heat exchange appartus, Mechanical / Electrical / Pneumatic Comparator.
Mechatronics Lab Mr. R.Nagaraja
Mr. M.Mahesh
Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with manual and electrical controls/ PLS Control each, Basic Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Systems Simulation Software, 8051 – Microcontroller kit with stepper motor and drive circuit LABVIEW software, Image processing system with hardware & software.
CAD/CAM Lab Mr. V.Thirumalairaj
Mr. A.Sivaraj
Computer Server, Computer notes or systems (High end CPU with atleast 1 GB main memory) networked to the server, A3 size plotter, Laser Printer, Trainer CNC Lathe, Trainer CNC milling
CAD/CAM software (Pro-E or IDEAS or Unigraphics or CATIA), CAM Software (CNC Programming and tool path simulation for FANUC /Sinumeric and Heiden controller), Licenced operating system
Manufacturing Technology Lab - II Mr. P.Surulimani
Mr. C.Pandian
Turret and Capstan Lathes, Horizontal Milling Machine, Vertical Milling Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Lathe Tool Dynamometer, Milling Tool Dynamometer, Gear Hobbing Machine, Tool Makers Microscope, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, Gear Shapong Machine, Centerless grinding machine, Tool and cutter grinder
Automation & Metal Forming Lab Mr. M.Pradeep
Mr. M.Mahesh
Universal testing Machine, Water Hammer setup, Hydraulic Press, Mini Rolling Mill, Various Sensors and Transducers

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