The department of Physical education makes the students in Engineering and Technology courses have a healthy, stress free and happy life. The Yoga classes during the course of physical education mend the minds of students to be honest and sincere in their day to day activities. Yoga supports the memory gain and makes the students to retain their knowledge in their academic subjects.

The department of physical education is well equipped with all amenities for games and sports. The students are free to make use of these amenities whenever they are free. Performance in games and sports give an opportunity to go for higher studies and in employment.


  1. To encourage the upcoming sportsmen and women.
  2. To instill the students with the values and skills of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To promote an awareness of health and well being among students which boosts them to engage in physical activities on a daily basis.

Mr. K.Sundarrajan                                           PHYSICAL DIRECTOR

Name   : Mr. K. Sundarrajan
Department : Physical Education
Designation : Physical Director
Qualification : B.A., M.P.Ed, M.Phil.,

Teaching Experience    : 4 Years 10 Months
Area of Specialization    : VolleyBall,Badminton,Football,Kabaddi

Mr. P.Selvakumar                                             PHYSICAL DIRECTOR

Name   : Mr. P. Selvakumar
Department : Physical Education
Designation : Physical Director
Qualification : B.P.E.S., M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,

Teaching Experience    : 10 Years 3 Months
Area of Specialization    : VolleyBall,Handball


  1. Cricket field

  2. Basket ball ground

  3. Volley ball ground

  4. Foot ball ground

  5. Shuttle ground and

  6. Badminton grounds exist in the campus apart from a host of other facilities for indoor and outdoor games.

Physical education teachers plan and execute selection and training of the right teams, demonstrate and share the intricacies to ensure that games teach team building as much as derive satisfaction of achieving success on the field through skills and sweat.

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