News of events in the college will be available to TMHNU members, students of NSCET, faculties, those seeking to make contact with the college for admission or other purposes and professional friends in various institutions all over (Tamilnadu) Dindigul zone on the subject of progress being made by the college since opening in 2010.

A newsletter is an effective communication tool for parents, TMHNU members and students. Since every institution is made up of people and others are usually interested in knowing about the college students and its activities, a newsletter is certain to be a hit.


The premier issue of the newsletter and that have an ongoing newsletter would enhance communication within and outside the college.


The purpose of the newsletter is to educate readers about the exciting new developments and organizing programs at the college of NSCET in Theni..


The newsletter is a communication tool of the college and is used to disseminate information to the TMHNU management members and to the parents. It servers to bond all activities and keeps the members of all planned club activities and functions. The newsletter builds interest in the club and its activities.


Newsletter was issued to the TMHNU members and parents in English. After the discussion with Joint secretary and Principal it is decided to publish the newsletter in Bi-Annual from the month of (April- Sep) 2017. It will be published in Bi-Lingual method (Tamil Edition- dispatching) to TMHNU members and parents. English edition uploading in the website and sending through mail to our students, faculty members and various institution- Dindugul Zone and also E-News letter was uploading in our college website.

1 2014 July-September I I
2 2014 October- December I II
3 2015 January – March II I
4 2015 April- June II II
5 2015 July-September II III
6 2015 October- December II IV
7 2016 January – March III I
8 2016 April- June III II
9 2016 July-September III III
10 2016 October- December III IV
11 2017 January – March IV I
12 2017 April - September IV II
  • Mrs.R.Saranya

    Cell Coordinator
  • Mrs.T.Tamilselvi

    Cell member
  • Mrs.S.Lalitha

    Cell member
  • Mr.K.Ponmanikandan

    Cell member